The wrap from the May dm Forum

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Digital agency and social media presentations at the May dm Forum

Marketing agency life is more than lying around in beanbags and playing table tennis. But as Helen and Steve from Dando explained at the dm Forum this week, with the high pace in a digital agency, the creatives do need their time to chill out. 

“It’s about finding the balance with a culture that fuels innovative solutions and return on investment for clients," says Helen. 

And to keep their fingers on the ROI pulse, the agency closely monitors its clients’ performance metrics through a range of customised dashboards.

Steve says, “the data doesn’t lie,” and the visual elements of the dashboards help the team “pinpoint trends and mitigate any problems.”

Steve also advises “a cloud based platform is the only way to go.

“Keep it simple, drill into the metrics that are important for each individual business and automate the reporting.” 

Kae Hum from LinkedIn then returned to the dm Forum podium to explain how the app’s tailored newsfeed can help you build trust and demonstrate thought leadership through content. 

He says LinkedIn focuses on quality over quantity of reach. “Rather than going for a mass reach (through Facebook), brand safety is a focus.”

Here are Kae’s tips for building trust through your own content marketing.

1.    Don’t be afraid – you’re an expert!

·       take the first step
·       own a topic where you are an authority
·       take a position
·       involve the audience

2.    Make it personal

·       LinkedIn doesn't = boring
·       draw from your personal experience
·       leverage your employees and humanise your brand

3.    Event coverage

·       leverage your presentations
·       drive attendees to events
·       utilise selfie time 

4.    Make it snackable

·       we have a short attention span
·       use video (15 seconds – 1:30)
·       think mobile first
·       speak in headlines

5.    Timeliness

·       react to trends
·       plan ahead for events and seasonality
·       respond to social comments.

To sum up, Kae says thought leaders should own their creative content and share it across all channels. 

Thank you Helen, Steve and Kae for your thought-provoking presentations – only at the dm Forum and only in Melbourne!