Building trust online

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Kae Hum from LinkedIn talks about building trust online

Kae Hum from LinkedIn presented to the dm Forum on 1 May. It was his second appearance at the quarterly marketing forum and he didn’t fail to stimulate the audience once again. 

Something he said has stuck with me – the importance of “building trust and demonstrating thought leadership online.” Increasingly, this is not just to protect our brands, but also professional reputations.

As marketers in this digital age, everything we write is scrutinised and spread across multiple channels. So it’s vital that our messages are consistent and on-point. It’s not just what we say, it’s how we say it. 

That’s why business writing skills remain so important. You want your message to cut through the clutter. And you want to sound professional and an authority that can be trusted. 

That can be tough for some people. They freeze when it comes to writing. Or alternatively, they feel compelled to waffle or use language that muddles the message. 

With the quantity of content required growing, it’s no wonder that more people are coming to professional copywriters for support. Whether writing opinion pieces from scratch, or just providing editorial oversight, a copywriter can deliver the finesse your content needs.

Whether it’s for brand safety or career development, a professional writer will deliver the advantage. Or if engaging a writer is not for you, maybe a day of writing training will polish up the writing skills in your workplace. 

As Kae encouraged everyone at the dm Forum, “don’t be afraid to own your topic – because you’re an expert.” I agree with him. But there’s also nothing wrong with asking for a helping hand.